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SEIZE THE KING at La Jolla Playhouse:

"Zheng admirably tackles the opposites as the pre-teen Edward and Richard's headstrong bride Anne" - Broadway World

"Jenapher Zheng lends the young would-be king Edward V a wisdom beyond his years, as well as playing Richard’s wife, Anne Neville, with a cool resolve." - San Diego Union Tribune


WHISPERLODGE (ASMR Immersive Theatre) at Secret Location:

"I watched a woman pull a latex glove out of a box with a slowness that would have otherwise been agonizing, each rubbery squeak eliciting more and more joy." - No Proscenium Blog

NARCISSUS AND ECHO at Hollywood Fringe 2017:

"A highlight for me was the poignantly sharp and funny Jenapher Zheng...with multiple layers and about as much Iago-esque ferocity as you'll find in a fun campy musical." -Crash Buist

FANTOMAS at Wuzhen Theatre Festival in China:

"The physical movements of the actors in Fantômas are eerily reminiscent of voguing... But the pacing is much more deliberate and carries a grandness similar to that of operatic performances in many parts of the world. One can be mesmerized by the piece" - Critical Stages

KENTUCKY at East West Players:

"Masako's only constant companion has been her faithful cat Sylvie (played so deliciously feline by Jenapher Zheng)...Zheng effortlessly does triple-time with three distinctively diverse roles as the comic/tragic Sylvie, the sad, lonely Nicole, and the cheerleading Bridesmaid with a voice of an angel." - Broadway World

"The cast, which includes...Jenapher Zheng, is an appealing and skillful crew that displays formidable finesse in tackling...baffling motivations" -  LA Times 

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