I'm a Co-host on PanGeekery Podcast, a geek news and critique podcast centered on all things geek from an all-diverse perspective!


Season 2 will launch in February 2020! 

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I play quantum physicist Dr. Victoria Kureze in Ingress, a mobile AR game developed by Niantic Labs, the makers of Pokemon Go. I can be found in-game, in promo material, and maybe as a certain villain as well...

I'm the Editor and Creative Developer for Kwento Comics, an all-AAPI Female-run Comic Book Company. We are currently working on our first series which centers on Filipino mythology, and are looking to publish in 2020.

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I'm the Director of Creative Engagement in the LadyParts Collective, an all-women volunteer group for social change in the LA Community.


Previously, we put on a sexual consent educational theatre show at Hollywood Fringe with students from Moorpark College. We also put on improv comedy workshops at senior centers.

This year, I will be representing the LPC by leading a monthly Art Meditation class at St. Anne's for their Transitional Housing residents.

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