JenZany on Twitch

I'm a Twitch variety game streamer who loves having irreverent banter with my viewers and playing with new friends, as shown here when I managed to fool everyone in Among Us :P

I'm a Co-host on PanGeekery Podcast, a geek news and critique podcast centered on all things geek from an all-diverse perspective!


Season 2 will launch in February 2020! 

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I've known I have ASMR since I was a kid, and after finally finding out there was a name for this mysterious tingling sensation, I joined an immersive theatre group that specializes in mesmerizingly relaxing ASMR experiences. You can check out Whisperlodge here. 

Here's a video of me doing some whispering, book flipping, etc through the Whisperlodge channel.

I play quantum physicist Dr. Victoria Kureze in Ingress, a mobile AR game developed by Niantic Labs, the makers of Pokemon Go. I can be found in-game, in promo material, and maybe as a certain villain as well...

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I'm a writer for Kwento Comics, an all-AAPI Female-run Comic Book Company. We are currently working on our first series which is an Urban Fantasy centered on Filipino mythology, and are looking to premiere in 2021.

I'm the Director of Creative Engagement in the LadyParts Collective, an all-women volunteer group for social change in the LA Community.


Previously, we put on a sexual consent educational theatre show at Hollywood Fringe with students from Moorpark College. We also put on improv comedy workshops at senior centers.

This year, I will be representing the LPC by leading a monthly Art Meditation class at St. Anne's for their Transitional Housing residents. I will also be working with the 50/50 Leadership Program to help women exiting the foster care system with preparing themselves for a successful job interview.


jenapher zheng.